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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a membership?
Nothing! Flightdiary.net is completely free of charge.

I can't choose a specific airport, airline or aircraft. What can I do?
Please contact us and we will add it to our database as soon as possible.

Data about a specific airport, airline or aircraft are wrong or not updated. What can I do?
We try to keep our database as updated as possible, but if you notice something is wrong, please contact us.

I thought of a feature I really miss. Would you consider adding it?
Of course. We welcome any suggestions. In fact, we have a feedback form for this.

Can I import flights from Openflights?
Yes, under Settings > Import.

Can I import flights from Flightmemory?
Theoretically, yes. Practically, no. We actually have a ready feature to import from Flightmemory, but we are not allowed to use it. You are welcome to ask them why.

Why doesn't anything happen when I'm clicking 'Get flight data'?
That is because we couldn't find any information about the flight number you have entered.

Can I look up information about old flights with the automatic flight information?
No, the information comes from current time tables. Data about aircraft and registration is saved for 16 days.

Can I add the flight even if I don't remember the flight date?
Yes, everything is optional except for departure and arrival airports. If you don't remember the exact date but the month or the year, you can type a part of it. For example, 2003-04 or 1999.

What do the colors of the lines on my profile map mean?
White line = future flight, orange line = 1 flight, red line = 2 flights. Then it becomes bluer and bluer, and eventually black at 10 flights.