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Latest comments

as i flight attendant i find DAAG's new look one of the best in Africa , more than this , the services provided are qu...
Algiers / Houari Boumediene | 7 hours ago

Mark Burningham
Sited almost at the edge of a motorway, the new terminal building is easily accessed. Can be a bit difficult finding t...
Alicante / Alicante | 18 hours ago

Mirza Z Humam
Nice airport with professional ground crew. available daily transport call ''DAMRI'' to Mesjid Raya Baiturrahman for...
Banda Aceh / Sultan Iskandarmuda | 18 hours ago

Ryan O'Reilly
Hard to get to the airport and to navigate through it . From rental car drop off to the check-in counter took almost 3...
Miami / Miami International | 2 days ago

Carl Saleh
18 flights on Qantas in the last 2 to 3 months. Always been hassle free from check in to baggage collection. Staff are...
Qantas Airways | 2 days ago

Add flights

Keep track of where you have been and how you got there by adding your flights to your account.

It is up to you if you want to add all the flight details (airline, aircraft, date, time, etc.) or not, but if you do, the statistics shown on your profile will be more relevant and precise.


Get a personal profile with a map and detailed statistics about your flights with graphs on CO2 emissions, top airports, airlines, etc.

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Flying is social

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When you add a flight, you can choose whether to post a message to your Facebook wall. If it is a future flight, we can even post your message automatically when you are in the air with a direct link to it on, so your friends can follow you live.