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A brilliant next generation aircraft that feels very spacious in its 9 abreast layout with great seatback TV's, large...
Airbus A350-900 | 1 day ago

A very professional company, with helpful agents and good services, even if their flights are too often delayed
Tunisair | 3 days ago

Very uncomfortable. The seats were old and used (probably recycled from a different airplane as they had thick frame a...
Vueling Airlines | 3 days ago

Patrick Schwarz
The Airbus A320 is an unbeatable aircraft to fly on, compared to the 737 its off the scale of comfort and smoothness.
Airbus A320-200 | 3 days ago

When departing you can use beer garden and smoking lounge after security check. Food and drinks available there with t...
Memmingen / Memmingen | 4 days ago

Add flights

Keep track of where you have been and how you got there by adding your flights to your account.

It is up to you if you want to add all the flight details (airline, aircraft, date, time, etc.) or not, but if you do, the statistics shown on your profile will be more relevant and precise.


Get a personal profile with a map and detailed statistics about your flights with graphs on CO2 emissions, top airports, airlines, etc.

Your profile can either be easily linked to, or set as private - it is your choice.

Share your opinion

Let other users know what you thought about your flight by rating and commenting.

The ratings that are given are used to calculate an average for each airport, airline, and aircraft in our database, which together with the comments and Wikipedia information put together our database pages.

Flying is social

Let your friends know when and where you have flown.

When you add a flight, you can choose whether to post a message to your Facebook wall. If it is a future flight, we can even post your message automatically when you are in the air with a direct link to it on, so your friends can follow you live.